Forever wandering with a camera in her hand...

Laura is a 33 years old german visual storyteller and marketing expert, and the creative mind behind framedjournal, currently based in Hamburg.

After finishing college, she swapped her life in Germany for a one way ticket into exploring the world, a camera and walking fast for living slow.

She has since established a strong presence within the digital space, with years of experience working in marketing, photography and content creation. 

The Roots of My Passion

My love for photography started in my early teens, when my dad, a former photographer, taught me most of what I know, since he knew real photography back in the day when digital was non-existent as well as the 'smartphone photographer'.

Embracing the Spontaneity

Unlike some photographers who meticulously plan every shot, I find myself irresistibly drawn to the spontaneity of life's fleeting moments. It's in those subtle moments, the little things that often go unnoticed, where I uncover the true beauty that can't be staged. They become my muses, a constant source of inspiration.

Beyond the Visual

To me, a good photograph is more than just a visual representation. It must evoke emotions, tell a story, and provide a glimpse into the soul behind the camera. I believe that images lacking personal connection and artistic depth fall flat, unable to truly captivate and engage. It's not just about knowing what and where something happened, but also about conveying how it feels. That's where the profound significance of photography lies.

Fueling Passion through Visual Storytelling

Travel and visual storytelling fuel my passion. I yearn to explore the unexplored, seeking out forgotten or unknown locations where I can offer a fresh perspective. Instead of following the well-trodden paths, I venture into the untamed territories that are often difficult to reach. It's in these untold stories that I find my purpose, shedding light on narratives that deserve to be heard.

Late nights are when my creativity thrives. In the cosy ambiance of a bar or café, accompanied by soul-stirring music, I lose myself in the realms of editing, ideation, and creation. It's during these quiet hours that my visions come to life, and my artistic spirit soars to new heights.

When Photography Meets Marketing

Adding depth to my creative journeys is a foundation grounded in marketing know-how. Over time, I've skilfully crafted narratives and content that truly connect. My understanding of the digital landscape, combined with my imaginative thinking, enables me not only to capture captivating stories but also to present them strategically in ways that deeply resonate with target audiences. This dual expertise lets me seamlessly blend artistic expression and effective communication, shaping a comprehensive approach to both my visual storytelling adventures and marketing pursuits.

Harmonizing Visual Tales and Strategic Narratives

On my blog, I delve into the junction where the art of storytelling through visuals and the strategic world of marketing meet and intertwine. This is a space where I uncover the magic that happens when captivating imagery and smart communication strategies come together. Join me in discovering the secrets not only of crafting engaging narratives, but also of sharing them effectively. Through personal insights, real-life experiences, and reflective musings, my blog sheds light on how to create stories that deeply resonate, capture attention, and drive meaningful change.

"Combining my love for photography and my personal journey, I strive to capture images that not only tell a story but also reveal a part of who I am." - [framedjournal]

I acknowledge the diverse cultures that have flourished across the planet on which I work. I pay my respects to the collective wisdom of all cultures and honour the heritage that has shaped our world. As it always has been and always will be, we share a responsibility to uphold the sanctity of our planetary home.

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